Wendy Dooley image consultant and personal stylist for Milton Keynes/ Bedford West

Do you have a wardrobe and drawers full of clothes but feel you have nothing to wear?


Do you feel like you’ve lost your way or feel stuck in a rut with how you dress?


If the answer is yes, then I can help!


I’m Wendy, your Colour and Personal Stylist based in Olney and my mission is to help YOU be the BEST YOU!


My journey with House of Colour started when I was 18 years old and since then I have never underestimated how the power of wearing ‘your’ colours in ‘your’ style can boost your confidence, make you feel amazing and totally transform your life.


Following your sessions with me, you will be inspired to make changes, invest wisely and know how to make the right colour and style choices for you. You will know how to create your unique capsule wardrobe that doesn't need to cost a fortune and you will quickly recoup your investment as shopping mistakes will become a thing of the past.


You deserve to invest in and feel good about yourself and I feel honoured to be able to help you on this wonderful journey of discovery to find the best you.  It’s an investment which lasts a lifetime.


So are you ready to:


  • Get endless compliments about how great you look
  • Look forward to events and nights out without worrying about what to wear
  • Have a mix and match wardrobe that works for you
  • Feel confident in what you’re wearing


If you would like to know more about my services, or if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for here, please do get in touch and we can discuss this together.


I guarantee a friendly and warm welcome, I am here to support you with whatever you are looking for, just take that first step, I promise you won’t regret it.


How I work: 

You can either book a one to one appointment where I focus just on you, or you can come along with a friend if you would like to share your experience.


Whilst the website is a guide it is often much easier to contact me for availability. So please email me at wendy.dooley@houseofcolour.co.uk.


Gift vouchers are also available for that special gift that lasts a lifetime.

Colour Analysis - £240 for an individual session or £185 if you bring a friend.


This inspiring session will help you find the colours that are in harmony with your own natural skin, hair and eye colour. It's amazing! Learn which season of colours work for you so you can confidently co-ordinate fabulous outfits and accessories for all occasions. We will look at each of the 36 colours in your pallet to discover your wow colours, the ones that make your skin glow and your eyes look bright. We will cover everything in detail including adding a little make up tailored to your season to create a natural healthy glow. You will take away your fan with 36 fabric colour swatches which are identical to the precision dyed drapes I use during the session, along with a personalised booklet containing lots of practical advice to make the changes you need to your wardrobe.

Personal Style - £365 for an individual session or £265 if you bring a friend.

I will help you understand how to create a wardrobe that really works for you. We will learn all about your bone structure, body shape and clothing personality so you can dress in shapes that best suit your body's natural lines. We are all individuals and our clothes need to express who we are so we are confident and comfortable wearing them. You will leave having the confidence to choose each individual garment in your wardrobe to suit YOU. The joy of style is that when your wardrobe compliments you then you can mix and match confidently to create endless outfits and stay on trend without spending a fortune. "A Clothing Personality is a style that suits you and helps you look amazing forever, whatever fashion is doing". 


Make-Up - £100 for an individual session

A hand's on session where you will discover the secrets of skilfully applied make-up. I will guide you through the colour shades that will work with your natural skin tone so the end result will be a naturally radiant glow. Having your colours analysed before this session is the best way to get the most out of the experience. 


Individual Colour, Style and Make-up  - an exclusive day for Women £580

If you prefer a bespoke 1:1 service then I can tailor make a day just for you.  Exploring your best Colours, Make-up and Personal Style all in one day. You will learn all you need to know to look and feel fabulous. A day for you that will be inspiring, confidence building and life changing.

Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Reviews:

I regularly help clients to review and sort out their wardrobes and take them on a Personal Shopping experience to fill the gaps. You will be in very safe and confident hands with an expert guide to help you build a fabulous wardrobe of clothes, one that co-ordinates, flatters and you really love to wear. With shopping the budget is yours, my guidance is to ensure you only buy clothes that really compliment you and work hard for you time and time again. Your best purchases are those that are your daily staples, not the ones looking beautiful but rarely worn! 

Book a half day (3 hours) for £265 which includes travel costs to Milton Keynes.  Any additional hours are charged at £80 per hour.


I appreciate there are a lot of options available and I am very much a ‘pick up the phone’ person who would love to chat to explore together how I can help you.  Please feel free to email me to book a mutually convenient time.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Wendy x