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Hi, I'm Louise Valsinger and I'm here to take you on a fantastic journey that will change how you look and feel, for life. Whether young or old, whatever your gender,  it's never too early - or too late, to discover the colours and styles that help you shine.  Let me first ask you some questions…….

Have you got a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Have you ever felt that you have "lost your way" with your wardrobe?

Does it stress you out deciding what to wear for different occasions?

Do you ever feel like everyone looks good and well put together apart from you?

I would have previously answered yes to all of these questions.  Over the last few years I’ve managed to finally loose my baby weight (only took 8 years!).  As a result, I needed to buy some new clothes.   However, it became very apparent that I was completely stumbling around in the dark with no idea what colours or styles suited me.  Then my friend Katy suggested I get my colours done by House of Colour.

When I had my colours analysed, it was like a lightbulb was turned on. Suddenly, I knew what colours to buy that actually made me look good and didn't receive the customary, 'Are you feeling okay, you look really tired?' comments I used to often get. Then fast forward to two months and I completed the process by getting my style done. This was revelatory! I now know what neckline to wear, length of skirt, fabric type, texture, size of print etc.

In short, this process has changed my life! I've gone from dreading choosing what to wear in the morning to positively looking forward to it. I've never had FEWER CLOTHES but SO MUCH TO WEAR. It's unbelievable. And because everything is in the right colour and style for me, everything goes with everything else. So making a decision is effortless!

I found the process so transformative that I positively beamed when telling people about it. I was having such a conversation with my friend, Lisa, when she suggested I should train up and become a consultant for others. The idea brought me such joy that I started to look into what it would involve and the rest as they say is history.

As well as being an image consultant for House of Colour, I am also a secondary school teacher of Biology and Psychology.  I'm married with two young children so there are a lot of balls to juggle but it is all worth it as it brings me such joy to help people feel good about themselves.

Your House of Colour Journey

Your transformation can take as little as a day with results that last a lifetime.  I feel very privileged to be a catalyst for positive change for my clients. The classes I host give you the tools that enable you to be the best version of you - anytime, anywhere!

Imagine having no more "mistakes" in your wardrobe? Did you know  that the average woman in Britain wears 20% of her clothes 80% of the time? That indicates that 80% of the clothes in your wardrobe are mistakes! It makes not only financial sense to build your wardrobe from a knowledge base, but more importantly eco-friendly sense, minimum wastage and maximum sustainability! 

Wearing the right colours and style for you can instantly make you look and feel your best, giving a confidence from within, which others can't help but notice! On the other hand, wearing colours and styles that are out of sync with your skin tone and clothing personality can make you look washed-out and tired.

Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis is where we identify the colours that best reflect your own colouring - everyone suits every colour, but it's the shade of the colour that makes the difference. You will also find out the makeup shades that complement you to complete your "look". You will go home with a seasonal fan with your colour swatches and a personalised booklet of information.


£240 on a 1:1 basis

£175 per person in a class setting

I also run colour analysis for Kids. This is an opportunity for your young people to learn about the colours that suit them best and will make shopping for them so much easier. It really depends on their age how long it will take.  The cost of a kids colour analysis is £70.

Style Analysis

Developing your Personal Style is the other half of discovering your best and most authentic "look". We find out the shape and style of clothes that will flatter you the most and accentuate all your good points. It is a very comprehensive course which encompasses every aspect of your wardrobe organisation, your shopping habits and most importantly, your best styles of clothes using your body and face shapes, vertical proportions and your personality. It is 3/4 day course in my studio and you receive a personalised work book containing all the information you need to avoid making a mistake again.


£365 on a 1:1 basis

£240 per person in a class setting

I can also carry out Wardrobe reviews and personal shopping trips following your colour and style analysis sessions.

Get in touch with me today to discuss how you want to start your transformation. Gift vouchers are also available.  A  House of Colour Voucher truly is a gift that lasts a lifetime.



Spent a wonderful day with Louise Valsinger having my colour analysis done.  A warm and enthusiastic welcome started the day off in the amazing studio used for the occasion.  The introduction gave some insight into the colour wheel and how everyone has a colour season.  Fascinating and knowledgeable Louise made the day fun and interesting and we were keen to get on with the makeup and drapes.  By the end of the day, you come away in the knowledge of your colours and in particular you wow colours. 

But that is only the start of the journey!  Louise will support and guide you with the next steps on how to transform your wardrobe.  To enable a closet that works easily for you and feeling great with the selections available.  Thank you, Louise, and for the continued support on my colour journey.  I would highly recommend taking the time for you , everyone should have this done.

Karen Bell

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