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Confidence through colour and style...

As a house of colour consultant I can support and empower you to change your life through the power of colour and style. Dressing in a style which is authentically you provides you with a confidence which is felt not only by yourself, but by everyone around you.  A colour analysis will discover the colour palette that not only compliments you perfectly, but one which co-ordinates, creating the perfect mix and match wardrobe.  Imagine having less clothes, but more outfits through multiple combinations.   Following your colour and style analysis you will be able to create a capsule wardrobe that works perfectly for you, for leisure or for business.  Packing to go away on holiday will never have been so easy!

My own colour and style analysis over 10 years ago had a huge impact on my life.  The compliments I constantly received in my new clothes increased my confidence and shopping became a pleasure with the knowledge of knowing what to buy.  During your colour and style analysis sessions you will learn how to avoid costly mistakes and create a more eco-friendly, sustainable wardrobe.

Are you are looking today because of work/business?  Are you going for a promotion?  Do you want to ensure maximum positive impact with clients? Wearing the right colours and style for the right situations can create trust, authority and inspire confidence in you. Your business wardrobe will compliment and strengthen your role at work and allow you to transition from day time duties to evening networking and social situations with confidence and ease.

If you are not sure of where to start may I suugest you book the colour and style complete package and you can look forward to a supportive and life changing session in my beautiful 18th century manor house studio.  

Do give me a call, or email, or book directly, you will find more details and prices about services on the View Availability page. I look forward to meeting you.


New to House of Colour? Packages inlcude.....

The complete Style, Colour and Makeup package

An exclusive VIP day where you will undertake our Personal Style, Colour Analysis and Make up Tutorial on one day. Enjoy the benefits of our personal style session with the added colour analysis so that you understand how to dress your body, proportions and how to develop a style that is authentic to you whilst also understanding the colours that best compliment your skin tone.

Style and Colour package

Undertake our Personal Style and Colour Analysis in one day. Enjoy the benefits of our personal style session with the added colour analysis so that you understand how to dress your body, proportions and how to develop a style that is authentic to you whilst also understanding the colours that best compliment your skin tone.

Style Day

During this transformational session you will discover how to dress your body shape and proportions in the most flattering way - but also how to reflect your inner personality through your clothes.

We will review your existing wardrobe, your lifestyle, shopping habits and budget to develop a style that is authentic and unique to you. At the end of the style session you will have a detailed understanding of the styles and shapes of clothing that work best for you and why – fully equipped with the knowledge you need to start building your own capsule wardrobe that works for your lifestyle and budget.

Colour Analysis

Discover your seasonal colours that best suit your unique skin tone through our thorough, science based, analysis process. During this transformational session you will see for yourself the colours that make you look brighter, fresher and healthier. For those clients who wish to, using our bespoke makeup range, we find the make-up shades which perfectly harmonise with your skin tone and colour palette. You will leave with a personalised workbook and a beautiful colour swatch 'fan' - giving you the knowledge to wear and shop for your best colours confidently.

Moving on, as an existing client why not try.....

Colour re-rate

This session is a wonderful and informative update on your previous colour analysis session where you can refresh your look with some new make up, use of colour to ensure that you are evolving your look as your skin tone changes. This session is really good for those who have undergone a hair colour change or a major life event which means they need to a refresh and a boost. You leave with a new colour book with all your new colour ratings included.

Make-up refresh

A personalised session where we demonstrate our House of Colour make up range whilst showing you the every day techniques you need to create a number of make up looks for day and evening to compliment your skin tone.

Learn simple, quick make up tips that give you glowing skin, sparkling eyes and a beautiful smile. It is preferential that you understand your House of colour season so that we can ensure that we select the make up colours to suit your skin tone, but it is not essential.


I have recently started a new job and Donna's colour analysis and guidance has made such a difference to how I dress at work. I feel more confident and every day I feel excited to pick out what I will wear. The day was supportive, fun, and a real treat. It is rare that I allow myself time to think about myself and Donna really helped me to build my confidence and understanding of my colours and how I can dress to enhance how I look. 


The setting is gorgeous, and I was really impressed with her studio, huge windows allowing lots of natural light (I now know why that is important) for colour analysis. Donna went the extra mile, and every last detail was thought of, from the delicious cakes and range of drinks to the beautifully decorated and furnished studio. Donna made me feel confident and really listened to me and what I hoped to get out of the day. She explained what she was looking for and how each colour was working with my skin and face, 


I was surprised to find out I was a Summer, as I believed I would be a 'Winter', although looking at my clothes now I have no idea why I believed that as I look and feel amazing in the summer colours. Donna had some great tips on how I can start to build my capsule wardrobe and transition to a summer palette. 


I cannot recommend Donna and her services enough, her expertise and her friendly and understanding approach made me feel special and pampered. Her eye for detail and the knowledge she gave me mean that I can now confidently shop, and dress in a way that makes me feel amazing. I would also highly recommend going with a friend it is a lovely experience to share with someone. Thank you, Donna.

Jess, Education Professional

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