Sian Davies

Sian Davies - House of Colour Star Consultant 2013 – 2020

 I am unable to take bookings at the moment as I am undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I am very much looking forward to returning as soon as I can and my calendar is open from October '23. For appointments in the meantime please book with my lovely colleague Sophia Carter.

I will post periodically on my Facebook and Instagram pages so do follow my progress as I will be 'dopamine dressing' to keep my spirits up!  Sian x 


To my regret, I came to HoC late in life..... so many wasted years!

Like so many I had comfortably drifted through most of my life doing the usual thinks, working in a corporate job, marriage, motherhood. Family life was full-on with 3 boys and a part-time job in the NHS but the rug was pulled from under me when my husband became ill and died 2 years later. I was 48 when I was widowed. I had a 12-year-old and two teenage boys to bring up, and my life to rebuild. It was the lowest point of my life. 


Grief makes you re-evaluate everything. For the first time, I had a sense of my own mortality, time was precious, and I needed to experience life and spend it doing things I wanted to do while I still had life.


It was then I had my Colours and style analysed and the transformation was amazing 


I have always enjoyed clothes, but I was not a natural at styling.  For most of my life, I felt frustrated with my wardrobe, spending too much money on clothes and yet still unable to put outfits together. 


As I aged the problem was getting worse. I am 5ft 3 and ‘industry standard’ sizing was no longer my size. Looking back my clothes were frumpy and aged me. All this changed when I did the House of Colour transformational journey of Style, Colour, and Makeup. I finally understood how to dress my body shape, what fabrics to look for, what style reflected me and of course I understood the principles of colour science….I now know I need clear, bright, cool colours! Accessorising and learning a good daytime makeup routine added the finishing touches.


With the HoC knowledge, you become a mindful shopper, able to see clearly whether a garment you like the look of will be a positive addition to your wardrobe… every item should earn its place! Putting outfits together became easy, in fact, a pleasure, and this impacted my confidence. There is nothing like looking and feeling good to put a spring in your step. My ethos is simple: if you look good you will feel good or at least better, this has a positive impact on your confidence and self-esteem.


I have now been an HoC Consultant for the last 11 years. I absolutely love helping my clients find their best look. Unlocking their potential to become the very best versions of themselves.


From my studio in Kemerton, I run the House of Colour Gloucestershire franchise. Together with my colleague Sophia Carter, who runs the Walton Cardiff Studio, we offer the full range of experiences provided by House of Colour.


I want my clients to have the most amazing experience of learning about their best colours and unique style. I will support you every step of the way and we will have fun in the process.


Below are details of my services but if you have any questions please do pick up the phone and I'll be happy to explain - Tel 07899 844 033. 


More about the services I offer

Please see my video below to see my Studio and what you can expect from a colour and style consultation. In this pandemic world, I will work with you 1:1 alternatively if you are able to bring a family member or friend in your 'social bubble’ I can see you together. All but a colour Analysis or Colour Rerate can be held online via zoom calls.

Details of the basic services I offer are as follows, advanced classes and bespoke sessions to suit your needs are available, just ask:

Colour Analysis for Women

My Personal Colour Analysis consultation takes about 3 hours. I spend time explaining the properties of colour to you so you really understand and can recognise your colours after your time with me. The analysis process is in-depth and uses the principles of colour science to discover your colour palette. I will also identify your best colours from your palette which helps you understand how to put clothes together for maximum impact.

We touch on makeup in your analysis. I will colour match you with a foundation, blusher and lipsticks in your three points of red. This 90-second makeup look gives you a simple, speedy and very natural make-up look that brings colour to your face. You take away with you your personalised leather swatch wallet and workbook.

The 1:1 price is £230 but if you want to share the experience the 'Bring a Bubble Buddy' option reduces the price to £165 per person.


Developing Style for Women

I will help you understand how to create a wardrobe that allows you to look your best every day. We will look at body shape to understand what fabrics, styles and shapes work for you. Your lifestyle and most importantly your personality are the keys to finding clothes and accessories that inspire you and you enjoy wearing for all aspects of your life. This is about helping you create a wardrobe that authentically reflects the person you are.

Style Analysis is a commitment of ¾ day if in the Studio and works well as an online class over several sessions or ideally a bit of a mixture of both to suit you.

 The 1:1 price is £330 or £220 with a bubble buddy and includes the personalised workbook.


Make-up and Skincare classes

These are hands-on workshops where we look at skincare and discover the perfect personalise make up looks for you and enable you to develop your skills and confidence in applying makeup.  This workshop is currently being offered 1:1 in the studio or online either 1:1 or with a bubble buddy.  The 1:1 price is £100 (with £20 free makeup/voucher) or £65 (£10 free makeup) with a bubble buddy and includes workbooks and samples (posted out to you if online)


Wardrobe Edit

Does your wardrobe need a sort out? Are you making the most of the clothes you already own? Sometimes it is just about having a fresh pair of eyes to maximise the potential and make outfits of your existing clothes. Let me help you set up your capsule wardrobe in colours and styles that work for your lifestyle.  Together we can build your 'Shopping Wish List' of colours, clothing items and styles that will transform your wardrobe and your look.

The 1:1 price is £75 per hour…generally, we need no more than a couple of hours.

Personal Shopping in Cheltenham or further afield

I can provide a Personal Shopper service for any client wishing to put their new-found knowledge to great use. Taking your swatch wallet and 'Shopping List' together we can have lots of fun shopping to create your new wardrobe.


 To discuss Refresh Classes or any other tailor-made experience please contact me for a no-obligation chat/ zoom call and let's see what I can do to help you!


If you would like to book a class, please follow the link to 'Book Classes'. If you can't find a suitable date contact me so we can agree a date to suit. 

Please check out my Instagram or Facebook pages for more information

I look forward to meeting you!






For two close friends and I it was time to stop buying clothes without thought and get qualified advise on colours and style. I read through a few profiles and Sian sounded and looked very professional and friendly.

Our first session was to establish which colour season we were best suited to. Sian immediately made us feel very welcome and relaxed. We had fun, found out lots about colour and were spoilt with a lovely lunch and other naughty treats! The day absolutely flew past.

Our second session was style, we arrived with an array of our own clothes to try on and received some fabulous advise on what looked great, what didn't and why plus how to make an informed choice considering our personalities, shape and size.

Our third session was skincare and makeup application, more great tips on products, colour and how to apply.
We ALL loved our three sessions with Sian.
We ALL love our new colours and styles.
We ALL love our new found confidence.
Thank you so much!



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