Rosee Elliott image consultant and personal stylist for Aberdeen


Being a House of Colour Consultant - a little bit about me

 ...... and lots about you and the special House of Colour journey you will never regret!

Image Whisperer; Personal Image Consultant; Colour Consultant;
Confidence Coach and Author

Hello there and welcome to my world of colour, style and personal image! 



If you can't come to me right now it does not mean to say we can't work together. Technology is a great way forward in helping with consultations ... welcome to the world of ZOOM!

In the meantime, you can welcome me into your home for your  'Virtual' Personal Style Consultation, your Wardrobe review and a makeup tutorial ..... what fun!

Please contact me for further information 

Phone: 01330 850325

Do you consider yourself an ‘Ugly Duckling’? I did!
Or a ‘Cinderella’? You shall go to the ball!
Or do you feel invisible? You will be confident to stand up and stand out!
Or an ‘Emperor’ in his new clothes! You and your clothes will be visible!

I help men and women who are curious about the image they portray to explore what's going on behind their mirror so that they can stand up, stand out and thrive with courage and confidence.

I inspire the freedom to succeed through the power of colour and style. You know that colour? The one that lights up your face, making you look and feel fabulous without even trying! There's a whole spectrum of those magical colours out there for you and I help you find them!

How do you use your colour and style to showcase your confidence?

I understand the science of colour. I introduce clients to its transformative power, bringing a lifetime of self-confidence to women and men of all ages. You'll see the difference instantly - and so will everyone else. Your skin will look healthier, your eyes sparkle and friends will start asking how you look so great every day!

Life-changing benefits

Together we’ll look behind the mirror and solve your perceived ‘problems’
When you look good you feel good - and that can be life-changing. But, actually, there is more to it than that and you can discover all this in a single day

Here’s how:


Personal Image

Colour Analysis 

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Wardrobe Attack

Shopping Trips

Life Changing Events

Confidence Coaching - Identify Key Strengths and Behaviours 


No one wants to be invisible! 

Now that I have reached a certain age I have to put a little bit of extra work into looking good and feeling great! I work with a Personal Trainer to support my skeletal strength twice a week, then get in the pool for aerobic fitness. Walking in the fresh air in the North East of Scotland every day with our rescue Podenca from Spain (a long story!) starts my day every day come rain. shine and occasional snow!


I stand up, stand out and thrive with confidence through colour and style


Rosee was born to be a House of Colour Consultant. Loved the whole experience from start to finish

Elaine D

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