Isobel Penny image consultant and personal stylist for Worcester Park & Epsom

Hello. My name is Isobel Penny. I am based in Worcester Park and cover Epsom, Ewell, and Banstead areas in Surrey.

I am passionate about helping people to be the best version of themselves. I help my clients to understand the best colours and styles for them, to make better choices, to look and feel more comfortable and confident and to save them time and money.  

How you dress tells people alot about you, let me help you grow your style to be a reflection of who you are. 

My Story.

Clothes, colour and style have always played a big part in my life. I was hugely influenced by my elegant mum, who was a winter in her colour season, looking as amazing in bright colour as she did in black. She was known for her style, her lipstick and her large collection of hats that she wore whenever the occasion allowed.

Growing up we always ‘dressed up’ for occasions. I always knew what I wanted to wear, what suited me and couldn’t be swayed once I had made up my mind- brown and gold featured heavily in my early wardrobe. Fast forward a few years and I became influenced by peers/ fashion/ mum and went through a ‘black phase’ wondering why I didn’t look as good as my friends or mum in it.

I found out why I didn’t look good in black 28 years ago when, purely by chance I met my House of Colour Consultant. I booked in for my colour analysis very quickly and followed that with makeup, style and image. My colour season is Autumn so warm browns, greens, teal and golds are amongst my best colours. It was the beginning of my journey towards becoming a consultant myself. Everything suddenly made sense, I could see how much better I looked in ‘my colours’. My style and image class and colours gave me the confidence to wear what really suits me and the knowledge that what I wear is a true reflection of me, makes the most of my natural colouring, shape and personality. My enthusiasm and passion for the House of Colour experience has encouraged my family and friends to discover their colours and style too and I was a “consultant in waiting” for a good number of years.

I am excited and proud to be a true representative of House of Colour and excited to be instrumental in enabling everyone to discover their best ‘authentic’ self.

My colours, look and style aren’t necessarily your colours, look and style. Everyone has their own unique combination of colours and an image that works for them.

I can help you discover your season of colours, help and support you as you find the confidence to wear them. When you are ready to complete the journey, I will work with you to discover your clothing personality, body architecture and lifestyle, teach you the best makeup looks and help you to shop to suit who you are.

If you have already discovered your colours we recommend a re-rate every 5-8 years. Our season doesn't change but our WOW colours may and our makeup may need an update so book in to a class or email me and I can create a class to suit your needs.

To start your journey of discovery book in to one of my classes. If there isn’t a date to suit on the website please contact me to arrange a good time:

Having your "Colours Done" changes your life. Start your journey with me today! 





I had a wonderful day. What a positive experience. Isobel is a charming and warm person, a credit to your business. 



Sam Storey

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