Karina Leacock image consultant and personal stylist for North Sheffield/ Holmfirth/ Horbury/ Wakefield

My name is Karina, and I am an award winning senior Colour Analyst, Image Consultant and Personal Stylist for Kirklees, Penistone, North Sheffield and Wakefield.  My purpose is to empower and inspire people to be the best version of their physical and authentic self.  I enable clients to make better choices, look more attractive, feel more confident and save time and money.   Your image tells a story; let me help you ensure the outside is in sync with the qualities you have inside. 

My franchise was established in 2008, and I am now one of the leading UK based consultants, supporting clients locally, nationally and internationally.  

Have you ever thought: 

  • What colours suit me?
  • What colour makeup should I wear?
  • What should I wear with what?
  • How do I accessorise?
  • What styles suit my body shape?
  • How do I project a strong professional image?

Have you ever felt:

  • Invisable, drab, frumpy?
  • Overwhelmed by shopping?
  • In need of a boast?
  • Curious about colour and style?
  • Style-less
  • Uncomfortable in the clothes you have bought and/or frustrated by the unworn clothes in your wardrobe?

Knowing what works and what doesn't is enormously empowering and saves so much time and money by not making all those impulsive (or sometimes well thought through) mistakes.  When your clothing really fits, there is a visual integration between your clothes and you.  Your clothes look like they belong, which is the difference between looking average and looking great. 

So a little about me; I've lived in Yorkshire for 19 years; it's home now, but I have lived all over including a period overseas.  I'm married to Paul, have two gorgous children age 14 and 15 and a furbaby called Candy.  I'm not some mythical figure who is 5ft 11 and weighs 8 stone and floats around behind the scences at London Fashion Week.  I'm a busy working mum, juggling a business and the demands of a family.  In my spare time I love powerwalking, the gym, cinema and catching up with friends.  My passions in life have always been fashion, music, metaphysics and cream teas!  I view style as art, a never ending evolving medium which tells a story. 

The details:

Your visual style is the sum of 3 parts:

Architectural shape and proportions - this is the technical side to the clothing industry.

Style personality - this is your most authentic visual self.

Colouring - this is the glue that holds it all together and influences your hair, makeup and clothing colour choices. 

Core offerings for both men and women: 

Colour consultation:

I will demonstrate how you too can look your best in colours which suit your natural skin colouring.  Understanding what colours suit you is the underlying secret to getting your makeup and clothing right.  Colours that draw out the right contrasts in your eye colour, your hair colour, your skin tone and much more.  Take away your leather wallet containing the swatches of all your colours, plus a booklet with personalised notes on how to start building your wardrobe. 

Prices per person:

121 consultation - Mon to Fri £210 
121 consultation - Sat £230
Want to share the experience with a friend or family member? Discounted prices for groups below:
Mon to Fri - £190 per person
Sat - £210 per person


Appointments Mon to Fri - 50% deposit taken at booking with the balance due no later than 48hrs prior to your appointment.   

Appointments on Sat - full payment taken at time of booking. 

A Personal Style Consultation can be delivered in person at my studio or in the comfort of your own home via a zoom call.  We look at your architecture and how to dress to accentuate our strengths and create those optical illusions around the bits you are not so keen on.  Understand your proportions, how to accessorise and the best shapes of clothing to suit your frame.  Bring your look up to date with details on latest trends.  Understand your personality and how to express this through your clothes and accessories, so that your look is authentic and polished. 

Prices per person for a full styling session (up to 5hrs): 
Mon to Fri - £329
Sat - £359

I offer a short styling session (up to 3hrs)
Mon to Fri - £229
Sat - £259

The Deluxe Package is the Ultimate Restyling experience.  I'll run the short styling session in your home, with your clothes, editing your wardrobe as you learn about style.  By the end of this session you will understand all the above, plus:

  • Know what to keep in your wardrobe
  • Know what to re-purpose
  • Know what to discard
  • Create more outfits from what you currently own
  • Identify gaps

The Deluxe Restyling Experience £525 (up to 6hrs) + travel expenses. 


Appointments Mon to Fri - 50% deposit taken at booking with the balance due no later than 48hrs prior to your appointment.   

Appointments on Sat - full payment taken at time of booking. 

Ongoing support:

Your body and style has a unique signature - a collection of elements that are exclusive to you.  

I view each and everyone of you as a work of art, mixing colour, textures, shapes, scale and proportions to create a signature look.  Just like an artist though, he/she doesn't become a master overnight; it's a journey.  I will assist you on your long and rewarding process of discovery.  

I stay with you aslong as you need me.  I offer:

  • Style inspiration boards. 
  • Online and in person personal shopping
    • Online shopping £50 p/h, in person shopping/styling £200 for 3hrs (am/pm)
  • Online and physical wardrobe edits
    • ​£200 for 3hrs, £50 p/h thereafter. Plus travel. 
  • ​Online and in personal style top ups
  • Online and in person 121 makeup technique tuition 
    • 1hr £45, 2hrs £80​

MyHOCLookBook - The Style Portal

All style clients will automatically have access to our full wardrobe management system - MyHOCLookBook (powered by Hue and Stripe).  This is a premier web app which enables stylist and client to virtually stay connected.  Clients upload their clothes into the app, which I will have access to.  This enables me to support you remotely as I can view what you own and identify your gaps - plus so much more!


60% of adults over 40 wear glasses, this rises to 90% of over 50's.  I have shopped with clients for eyewear for years, but frustrated that we couldn't consistently source the right style of frame + colour, I decided to train as an Eye Wear Stylist in 2020.  

Choosing frames has never been so easy or reassuring.  I work with VIP Eyewear as my Optical Dispensary, and style using the Italian IGreen solution, which is fully bespoke and customisable.  

We select the frame, choose the colour and then choose the sides.  All frames are made to order in Italy.  I work with a large choice of frames and a wide choice of colour.  

So not only do I ensure the right clothes go in your wardrobe, I ensure the most flattering eyewear sits on your face. 


Consultations are available during the week and every other Saturday.  My studio is based in Oxspring, which is outside Penistone.  Consultations are relaxed, fun and informative.  Once you've been you will wonder why you didn't come years ago. 

If you'd like any more information, please phone or email me.  Scheduled consultations are listed, but if these aren't suitable, then please suggest an alternative date.  

I very much look forward to meeting you.  

#Align with style.

Best wishes




So, how could colour change your life?
Well it has amazingly changed mine, since my colour analysis by Karina Leacock back in January 2015 I've had the confidence to change the colours in my wardrobe and makeup bag getting rid of all those clothes and makeup that never really suited me. Shopping is a real pleasure now something I really hated before and I'm getting a buzz from all the colour combinations I am able to achieve. I know sticking to my colour palate really works and I can spot the colours that best suit me easily, I know they will all work together thus saving me money in the long run. I feel so much more confident, I've joined a college course sorted out a long running family issue and flown to the USA on my own, I truly believe I have achieved this because of the colour changes I have made and the input Karina gave me in how to use them as I feel so much more confident as a person wearing them, it may seem small changing your colour palate but it has made a huge impact on my life and my husband is singing the praises of it too. This was the best investment I have ever made for me.Thank you


Carol Duke

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