Aristea Korkovelou image consultant and personal stylist for Thessaloniki

I am an enthusiastic young professional with one big dream: to make people and world beautiful. I fell in love with house of colour when i first did the colour analysis seminar at the age of 17! Since then i was dreaming to become image consultant. And here i am! Let me tell you some things about me: I have studied Marketing and got a Master degree in Tourism Management. I have worked in Serbia as Marketer, in Barcelona as Hotel Manager Assistant, in Tunisia as English teacher and in Greece as haid waitress, as assistant sales manager in fashion company and my specialization is in human resources. Now i am following my dream! My goal is to leverage my excellent communication skills, image consulting knowledge and customer service experience to improve company's branding based on its core values and strategic goals or people life's in an ordinary base. If you want to change your life and feel and look beautiful every single day, then i am the right person for you! Let's make the world colorful.