Lynsey Howell image consultant and personal stylist for Livingston/Linlithgow/South Queensferry

Imagine going into your wardrobe in the morning knowing that all the clothes suit you and your lifestyle. Making a choice about what to wear becomes a pleasure - what a way to start the day! Read on to discover more!

Sessions are for men, women and children. The right colour and style is important for both men and women. Being visible for the right reasons and perfecting your personal brand.

Sessions can be tailored to an individual's needs. Short of time, colour and style can be delivered in a day. Sessions can be held for private sessions, couples and groups.

All my sessions are welcoming, relaxing, and fun. Sessions are listed on my Classes page but if you’re unsure about anything or would like more information, or the dates don’t work for you please call me or email me and we'll find a suitable time.

Gift Vouchers

Contact me directly for gift vouchers for specific sessions with me or for specific amounts (you choose how much) to be used towards sessions with me or for House of Colour make up.


This is a journey of discovery. Learn how to dress not only your body architecture but your personality too.

We discover the shape and style of clothes that will flatter you the most and accentuate all your good points. It is a very comprehensive session and encompasses every aspect of your wardrobe organisation, your shopping habits and most importantly, your best styles of clothes using your body and face shapes, vertical proportions and your personality. You take home your personalised workbook containing all the information you need to know your best necklines, hemlines, silhouettes, and scale of accessories and patterns. Balance and proportion is only part of personal style - you also learn how to authentically express your personality in how you dress. Discover how to shop sustainably and smarter, so you look and feel fantastic. This session can either be done virtually or in person.

Colour Analysis 

Ever wondered why you look great in some colours and not so great in others? During a colour analysis we discover the colours that will make your skin glow and your eyes shine. We will also find your perfect foundation, blusher, mascara, and 3 lipsticks which is known as our "90 second make up look". You go home with a wallet with your colour swatches and a personalised booklet of information.

 This session has to be done in person as online colour consultations do not work (we have explored it and concluded we couldn't offer online colour analysis), the camera does not pick up enough detail, can distort colours and you will likely end up with the wrong result.

Having completed both your colour and style sessions you will have a wardrobe that gives you maximum versatility where everything works together.

Make Up 

Building on your knowledge from the 90 second make up look, we will dive deeper into your own personalised make up looks including daytime and evening looks. This session can either be done virtually or in person.

Wardrobe Reviews

Can't see the wood for the trees? Is your wardrobe more like a museum than your toolkit? Let me help you create your ideal capsule wardrobe and create new outfits from what you already have. This session can either be done virtually or in person.


Sustainable Shoe Wardrobe Reviews

Time to go more in-depth in your Colour and Style journey and discover exactly what you need in your shoe wardrobe? Let me help you create your ideal shoe wardrobe and really understand what works for you, so that you know what to shop for and what to keep from what you already have. This 3 step online programe will help you understand what styles of shoes to choose for your lifestyle and budget and you will be ready to create a shoe wardrove you will love!

Personal Shopping

Feel like you're wandering around the shops in circles or haven't got the will or inclination to trawl through the internet? Let me take the hard work out of shopping for you. Again, this can be done virtually or a personalised shopping trip.

Advanced Colour Analysis

Ready to explore your season and try out new colour combinations so you look and feel your best? 

This session has to be done in person as online colour consultations do not work (we have explored it), the camera does not pick up enough detail, can distort colours and you will likely end up with the wrong result

Advanced Style

Ready to explore your style and have an in-depth review of necklines, patterns, scale, and your best hair options? 

This session has to be done in person.

Kid's Colour

It's never too early to know your colours – think of the confidence in knowing the colours that make you look amazing! I can only imagine how much money I (and my parents!) would have saved had I have known my colours earlier. The cost of the session does not include a wallet but this can be purchased separately. This session has to be done in person.

We recommend teens from c.14 years plus should attend an adult session - think self-esteem, proms and first interviews and you won't hesitate. We can help girls get their make up looking natural and professional from the get-go.

Colour Rerate

This is a session we would recommend every 5-10 years. You will never change season but as we age our skin becomes more transparent and our eyes can look duller. In a rerate session we review your season colours, discover if you have new wow colours and ensure you look and feel your best in the colours that make your skin glow and your eyes shine! This session has to be done in person.

Confident Accessorising

Accessories are so important - they can change the look of an outfit in an instant. Learn how to confidently style your accessories for maximum impact. This session can either be done virtually or in person.

Scarf Styling

Never underestimate the importance of a scarf. Big, scarves, small scarves, different ways of styling and tying. A fun session for a group of friends! This session can either be done virtually or in person.

Wedding and Bridal Service

How exciting! SO much to do. Imagine having your whole wedding coloured and styled in a way that presents you at your very best. I can offer you a complete package of sessions tailored to your needs for your special day (and to suit your budget). Colour analysis to find your best “white” as well as your best options for makeup and flowers. Personal styling to ensure your dress will work for your body shape and personality and ensure you feel confident and glowing as you walk down the aisle.  I can even accompany you to find your wedding dress. I’ll help ensure the perfect look for your wedding day but you’ll use what you learn every day in the future. I can also do this for other members of the wedding party including the bridesmaids, the groom, mothers and fathers of the bride and groom – making sure your best colours look special on everyone in your bridal party.

A little about me…

I’ve always loved colour and clothes but that doesn’t mean that I always understood what suited me!

As a teenager in the ‘90s I remember the excitement of choosing a mustard top for the school disco – then noticing when my best friend tried it on that she looked vibrant and healthy, but on me I looked tired and had dark shadows under my eyes. As time went on, I wondered why my friends could wear grunge style clothes or brown lipstick and look amazing but somehow they didn’t suit me. I felt like I’d missed out on some secret insider information that would let me know what to wear to look great. I’d read magazines, go shopping and buy things but what I went for never really worked for me…but I still kept looking for some elusive item of clothes or makeup to transform how I looked.

In my early 20s I had my colours analysed with House of Colour and discovered I’m a Summer and I realised why the clothes in my wardrobe didn’t make me feel amazing when I wore them. As a Summer I need clothes that are blue, soft, smoky, and rose and I didn’t have anything like this in my wardrobe!

Shopping became so much easier (and quicker) and I felt more confident and visible in what I wore.

I had my Style session a few years ago and all I can say is I wish I’d done this sooner! I began to see why I didn’t love certain clothes - even when they were great colours for me. I realised why I felt more confident and like my true self in the right clothes for me - I need clothes that are feminine, structured and have pretty details. I now understand the best necklines, hemlines, silhouettes, and scale of accessories and patterns for me.

My colour and style journey made me realise that I don’t need a vast number of clothes, I just need pieces that suit me and work together! 

My friends and family know me as someone who talks about my colour and style experience (a lot!) and I realised that I wanted to share the joy of knowing and wearing the colours and clothes that make you feel amazing. With a background in HR and training I understand the importance of personal image in making an impact professionally and socially. As a House of Colour consultant I help others to discover what colours and styles suit them and see the positive impact this makes on both their professional and personal lives.


What an amazing and informative day spent with Lynsey, discovering which colours look best on me.  I look forward to tweaking my wardrobe so that I can look my best every day. I would definitely recommend House of Colour and Lynsey!


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