Yvonne Jeffries image consultant and personal stylist for Kidderminster



To book, or if you have a question, please phone me on 07870424745 or email me on yvonne.jeffries@houseofcolour.co.uk.


Hi, I’m Yvonne, a colourful lady who has always had a passion for colour, clothes and makeup.

My earliest memory is watching my mother put her make up on and thinking those colours are wrong but not understanding why and how they were wrong. My fascination with colour has grown and developed over the years into a passion. My favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn. Spring because we have new life and colour which brings hope and optimism for new beginnings and Autumn for the array of changing colours depicting transformation.

House of Colour has recently come into my life and I am a certified Colour Consultant. This qualification and new business combines my love of colour with helping people feel more vibrant and confident and in love with life. I truly believe colour enhances your life so naturally when you know your colours, and how to wear them, your confidence and self-esteem grows, impacting on your life.

You may be a woman in your fifties looking to reinvent yourself or a young man wanting to make the right impression for a new job or promotion. I want to give you a one-to-one personal colour experience that will stay with you.

Join me as your colour consultant in our three-step journey:

Step one - finding your WOW.

You will be shown your wow colours which will compliment you and make your skin glow.

Be prepared to receive compliments and watch your confidence grow.

Step two - this time we look at your clothes and body shape creating a whole new way of dressing and styling that suits your personality. I will show you how to create a capsule wardrobe on any budget.

Step three - here you have a choice: we can delve into expanding your make up techniques or we can go shopping for your capsule wardrobe.

Let’s share your transformation journey together and let’s see you shine.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.