Lynn Ainsley image consultant and personal stylist for Watford/Bushey/Croxley Green

With the closure of House of Colour's physical head office and hence my studio, I have now opened for colour, style and make up classes from my new studio in Cassiobury, Watford. I look forward to seeing you there.



As personal stylists and image consultants we are experts in the following areas; colour analysis, personal styling, skin care and make up advice as well as wardrobe decluttering, personal shopping and creating capsule wardrobes for holidays, work and social life.  Getting your colours done will change your life.

Lynn Ainsley covers Watford, Bushey and Croxley Green.

I can empower you to look and feel your best. When you look good you make the right first impression, you feel confident inside and liberated to be yourself in every situation - you become powerful, authentic and a great role model.

Your appearance can positively affect all your interactions and activities whatever stage of life you find yourself. Whether it's about becoming more confident socially, going to university, starting your first job, changing or progressing your career, getting married, becoming a mum, returning to work or retiring then looking good and feeling it will give you the confidence to succeed and make the most of every opportunity life brings.

I can give you the tools and understanding to help you achieve this for yourself. My clients love their personal transformations. They have everything they need to know to empower them to create fantastic colourful and versatile capsule wardrobes, wear the right accessories at the right time and create easy to do make up looks that work for them. This makes dressing in the morning fun and exciting and leaves them confident to face the day ahead. Now it's your turn. I love doing this, I've been doing this since 2009, it is an honour - let me do this for you and see the changes it can make to your life.

Having joined House of Colour in 2009, I hold Star Consultant Awards (2010 - 2020 inclusive) and am one of the most successful consultants in the Company.  I am part of the training team responsible for training new House of Colour Consultants as well as a Professional Excellence Certificate Assessor and coach for the Company.  I can also help you choose glasses to suit you via VIP Eyewear / igreen glasses and can get you a discount for Kettlewell Colours clothing.

I hold my classes in my lovely home studio Cassiobury, Watford.  You can park on the drive and there is easy access from M25 JCN19, A41 and M1.

I have a BSc(hons) degree in Psychology and have spent the majority of my career in training and development roles, managing large departments and helping people attain their potential as well as meeting company needs.  Specific areas of expertise include; performance appraisal, psychometrics, personality profiling and the design and delivery of all aspects of training and development.  I started my own jewellery design Company which I ran successfully for 5 years prior to joining House of Colour.  A keen animal lover, I have also been a foster mum for Cats Protection.

To book a session:  You can book and pay for a class on line.  Alternatively you can call 07966 706 393 or email.  There is generally more availability than shown on line so if you would like to book a class and can't see a date that works for you please call or email and we will see what we can do.

For women there are 3 steps to a whole new you:

Step 1 Colour

Women's Colour Analysis Consultation- £190.00. Find out which colour palette suits your skin tone, eye and hair colour and the perfect make up (foundation, blusher and lipsticks) from your palette that will give you a natural, professionally applied look. The class includes a leather colour swatch wallet (for you to take with you when you shop) and information booklet to give you the tools to make the right colour choices for clothes and make up. All make up is available to purchase. The class is 2 - 6 hours depending on numbers attending with lunch and refreshments as required. (Want me to yourself or short on time? Then a 1:1 is available for £240.00 and is approx 2.5 hours).

Step 2 Style

Style For Women Consultation - £240. Be liberated to be who you are every time you get dressed. Find out which shapes and styles suit your body shape and personality, how and when to wear accessories and how to create a versatile capsule wardrobe for whatever stage in life you find yourself. Includes a workbook to keep your knowledge safe. The class is approximately 5 hours and includes lunch and refreshments. (Want it to be just us? Then a 1:1 is available for £300.00 and is approximately 5 hours long)

Step 3 Make Up

Make-up Consultation - £70. I am the make up trainer for House of Colour, so you are in safe hands.  Discover how to create the right looks for you, apply your make up professionally and using the right colours to make you look fresh, natural, and healthy. Includes a workbook to keep your knowledge safe and all products are available to purchase so you can do this for yourself everyday. The consultation is 2 - 3 hours long. (Just you me and the gorgeous products? A 1:1 is available for £100.00 and is 1 - 2  hours long)

Want to book steps 1 - 3 together and receive a discount?

Steps 1, 2 and 3 (Colour, Style and Make Up) - £445. All of the above for a whole new and empowered you with a £50.00 discount for booking all 3 consultations at once with our 3 for 2 offer. (The day to yourself 1 :1 £620)

Steps 1, 2 and 3 all in one day - £620.00 This is the complete package but in one day - this can also be scheduled as separate classes on a 1:1 basis for the same individual prices shown above.

For Men there are 2 steps to a whole new you:

Step 1 Colour

Colour Analysis for Men Consultation - £185.00  Yes, men need this too! Colour Analysis in a group class (or a 1:1  for £240). Find out your best colours (we skip the make up bit) to make you look your most fabulous self for work and social life. Know your best suit and jacket colours to make great investments and what goes with what.

Step 2 Style

Style for Men Consultation - £240.00 (£300 for a 1:1) Discover and develop a style that works for you, whatever you do.  Learn how to shop and dress confidently, credibly and authentically and invest in a great wardrobe and yourself.

Want to do it all in one day?

Colour and Style all-in-one-day for men £400 (saves £25)  (6 hours) includes lunch as required and refreshments. For a 1:1 class £530.

For men and women, once you have completed steps 1 and 2, I can:

Sort your wardrobe - I can help you check individual items for colour and style, sort your clothes into capsule wardrobes as well as mix and match items to create outfits you didn't know you already had.  I can help you work out what's missing, be it individual items of clothing or colours from your palette you are not wearing - this becomes your shopping list.  Charged at £70 per hour, this is a great thing to do before going on a shopping trip or for just organising your life.

Shopping trip - this is a great way to consolidate your learning so far.  Let me teach you how to shop for your colours and styles.  We first clarify what you are shopping for be it a special occasion, a holiday or an entire new wardrobe.  Typically we go to Brent Cross, and start with John Lewis, we do a "supermarket sweep" of everything in your colours and style that might work and then go into the changing rooms to see what works.  We sort items into "yes", "no" and "maybe" and it is up to you what you spend.  Some clients do this once and learn how to shop for themselves others come once or twice a year for a wardrobe re-vamp.  You will need to have had your colours done and completed the Personal Style Class to make the most of this trip. Charged at £70 per hour, this is a really efficient way to get your wardrobe to where you need it to be as well as a fun and enjoyable personal shopping experience.

Are you getting married?

Imagine having your whole wedding coloured and styled in a way that presents you at your very best.  I can offer you a complete package of sessions tailored to meet your needs for your special day (and to suit your budget).  Colour analysis to find your best "white" as well as your best options for your make up, flowers and bridesmaids' dresses.  Personal styling to ensure your dress will work for your body shape and personality and ensure you feel confident and glowing as you walk down the isle - I can even accompany you to find it.  I am House of Colour's in house trainer on wedding styling and can't wait to help you make your wedding the one you have always dreamed of.

LGBTQ+  - I recognise some of our consultations are presented using binary language, however all consultations can be tailored to suit however you would like to present the real you.  Very happy to talk this through to help you decide if these consultations are for you.  I would love to work with you.

Other options:

I can also see you both together.

The Transformational Experience all in one day for couples - £900.00. This is an exclusive day for you and your partner to rediscover yourselves. Enjoy the time together and leave knowing your right colours, right styles and be the best dressed couple in town.

Children's / Teenager's Colour Analysis - £80.00. Get the kids analysed - a gift that will truly last a lifetime. For 7 - 13 year olds. We recommend teens from14 years plus should attend an adult class - think self esteem, proms and first interviews and you won't hesitate. We can help girls get their make up looking natural and professional from the get-go.

Already completed Colour Analysis, Developing Style and Skin Care and Make up? - These are the ones for you to take you to expert level:

Advanced Colour -  £200.00. Discover new ways to work with colour in your wardrobe and explore new make-up looks.

I can also offer you:

Colour Review - £120.00. It may be some time since you had your colours done, a review lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours and gets you back on track (excludes colour swatch wallet).  Add in a make up review for £50.00.

Personal stylist and image consultants covering Watford, Bushey and Croxley Green area.  Experts in; colour analysis, personal styling, skin care and make up advice as well as wardrobe decluttering, personal shopping and creating capsule wardrobes for holidays, work and social life.  Having your colours done changes your life.



Hi Lynn, I just wanted to say thank you for a really fun and informative class last Thursday doing your colour analysis class.  What can I say.....?

Even though we knew I was probably going to be an Autumn it was great to see and learn a whole spectrum of colours that suit me that I would never have thought of wearing and are so much more fun than browns.

The make up leasson was a real surprise and bonus... and of course I love the products and new colours.

The day after the class I was told how well I looked and I think the kids thought they had a new mum when we went out Saturday evening dressed in the right colours.

There is so much more I could write with how much I learnt in the class, it was way more than ever I anticipated, surpassed expectations by far and of course being taught  by yourself who has a real passion and skill for what you do.

Thanks so much Lynn, and really looking forward to do the styling session.

Anna, Rickmansworth





I really enjoyed the evening classes you ran for employees on the Park; I was impressed by your teaching style and thought you made the various subjects fun and accessible.  I look forward to taking The Journey.

Elaine,  Watford

A big thank you for Friday, as always a great day & lots to think about – the grey eye shadow looks amazing! The courses I have been on have all been such an inspiration & would recommend anyone to use your expertise.

Sandra,  Berkhamsted

‘Thanks for all your advice, help and good humour given to me on Sunday. As you said, people would comment, and they did! I recorded 9 positive comments and reactions in the first week – what a confidence booster!’


‘Well, what a journey!! I truly feel at peace with myself. The best part is to realize that it’s ok to be ME! Not spending my life wishing I was a skinny blonde, a size 10 or even to be able to go brown in the sun!! I accept now that is what makes me who I am!!

And for the whole experience I truly thank you... I can only for now, encourage all that I can to make the same exciting journey that I have. The end result and the confidence factor is worth it!! So once again, thank you!’

Jenny, Watford

‘All I can say so far is that the compliments have been coming in fast. They just say how great I look and what have I done – but can’t really put their finger on why I look so good. MARVELLOUS!’

Marsha, Garston

‘Two colleagues knew I was going and have been very supportive but to be honest I didn’t really believe them and their compliments as I was convinced they were trying to encourage me. However when a 6 year old girl took me by the hand and told me I looked beautiful I realized that they were telling the truth after all and I did look better! Helen (is) a great support and encouragement’

Christine, Stewkley

‘The colouring has given me more confidence and I feel more glamourous. After my day at Watford I received numerous compliments regarding how I looked. Fantastic value!’

Carol, Borehamwood

Having had my colours done before by another company and not seeing it I was delighted that Helen was able to show me the difference the correct colours can make. The interesting thing is that now I hate wearing black whereas I wore a lot before I met Helen!’

Sara, Tring

‘Definitely aided my career, no matter what the situation, I always look the part and feel comfortable in myself’


‘I came to House of Colour because I had lost confidence in myself – I was unsure if a colour or style suited me. Now I no longer waste time trying on everything in a shop and I have started to build a beautiful capsule wardrobe.’

Glenda, Watford

‘I was dreading being 40 this year; thanks to House of Colour and Helen’s support I no longer look frumpy and middle aged and feel 20! I can’t explain the impact the experience has had on my self confidence. Thank you.’


‘I’ve loved all of it – it’s been such fun and gives me so much confidence. I met a school friend recently who I hadn’t met for 15 years and he was so surprised he nearly fell off his chair! He kept commenting on my appearance and how much I’d changed saying “I don’t remember you looking this glamorous.”

Esther,Croxley Green

‘Understanding my season and clothing personality has given me increased confidence in choosing my clothes and wearing them. I feel able to wear colours knowing they mix and don’t clash – previously my wardrobe was mainly black and white, particularly for work. I am finally able to be a tomboy but also feel feminine. Helen has been a wonderful consultant – building confidence but also able to criticize – and always with a sense of humour!’

Sue, Dunstable

‘Since having my colour and Image I have received more compliments than in the last 10 years put together! The whole experience has given me so much self confidence and it’s been great to share it with friends.’

lindsay, Berhamsted


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