About us

From 1985 to 1995, as dress codes relaxed, creativity was on the rise and technological advancements continued, there was increasing demand for the work of House of Colour to be available in professional and corporate environments.   Public-i was formed in response to this with the top House of Colour consultants furthering their training to become image professionals operating in the business market.  They operated by advising and consulting businesses and individuals in corporate dress, uniforms, personal presentation, professional dressing, etiquette and voice training.  

With branding becoming increasingly important and an integral part of business language, HOC in Business, as a division of House of Colour, was created in 2013 to support the alignment of corporate and personal brand. HOC in Business professionals provide bespoke solutions, created with and tailored to, the client’s requirements.  We support and leverage a host of learning and development solutions.  These include, but are not limited to: sales impact, presentation, graduate programs, recruitment specialists, business performance coaches and a myriad of other professionals with a shared and common interest in effectiveness, empowerment and engagement.

HOC in Business is an elite group of image professionals, who serve and support confidence-building and engagement in business through partnership and collaboration in all areas of business, including education and charities.