HoC in Business Testimonials

What our clients say about us:

“I have to say a massive thank you.  My role deals with a lot of people across the business and I've had so many compliments across the board.  I think your work on me has been single-handedly responsible for a massive cultural shift in the way my office are approaching dress now. On a personal level it's really helped me express myself better overall. I'm attracting people who just want to talk to me in the street, It's amazing, getting VIP treatment everywhere without even trying.”

“Emilie delivered an insightful and thought provoking session on ‘Building personal brand’. She has a unique way of connecting with the audience which is very inspiring and leaves behind a solid lasting impact.”

“Knowledgeable, inspiring and attentive are the few keywords that come to mind when I think about Emilie West. I had the pleasure of meeting Emilie over a 3-date course, at one of her 'Brand You' course. I was particularly impressed by Emilie's great observation and attentive skills, which I felt made an impact in motivating and inspiring change in all of us that attended the course. I came out of the course equipped with tools, techniques, and confidence to develop my personal brand while staying authentic. Emilie is an amazing host! and made everyone feel welcomed. I recommend taking her course if you haven't already.”

Your expertise and involvement in preparing my participants for returning to the work place  - as many of them are making complete career changes or the confidence and personal empowerment they gain is priceless. After attending your sessions they see themselves through a different lens and understand that they have a personal brand. They understand how to communicate with the world, that they have visual impact their clothes and their presence. They know how to enhance all of their unique qualities.

All of my participants who have completed your modules have been successful at interview and are now in fulltime employment.

Massive thank you to Maria Macklin and House of Colour. I had three online interviews for a fabulous job opportunity and delighted to say that I got the job. In fact, I got a better job than the one for which I applied.  I wore my most flattering colours and felt really confident. I was able to bring the whole of me to the virtual table. The impact it all had on my performance even surprised me.

"Invest in the asset" is common advice in the business world, and once I realised that I AM the asset, it became obvious that I needed to give myself and my appearance a higher priority than I had been. Even though I work in a very informal field, giving a little more attention to my appearance has given me more authority at work, and I spend less energy on being heard. I also spend less money on clothes, and less time deciding what to wear. 

"Thanks so much for spending time with me and my team and for your professionalism, I think you know from my reaction how well received the experience was" Simon Rayne – Sales Director, UK & Ireland, Nokia

"I just wanted to write a personal message to thank you so much for your help and guidance, and for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us over the past three sessions. For me personally it has been enlightening, and I am certainly much more aware of what I should be wearing and how I should be presenting myself rather than simply guessing my way through my wardrobe at 8.30am every morning! So thank you both." Sophie Richards - Hunter Design

"I work in the field of Leadership Development and people choose to buy in to me as an individual, as much as the ideas that I may be offering. So understanding how best to represent who I am and what I stand for is an important part of what I do. I hadn't really thought about it in the context of what I wear, but yet I'd spent hours making sure that the 'image' of my website was just the way I wanted it to be. Over the last couple of years, since working with you, I have developed a much stronger personal brand and it feels really good to be meeting clients, knowing that I'm not just dressed appropriately, but that I am telling them something about myself" Emma Judge, Founder – Positive Organisations

"Thanks for a thought provoking delivery to the students, giving them a huge insight into developing and owning their personal brand and the impact of this in business and their employability." Pam Owen - Equality and Diversity Manager, Bucks New University

"I never knew that I had so much potential, your work with my team truly helped us all to Package our Potential" Joanne P.

"We here at Le Manoir have been sending our Junior to Senior guest facing Managers to the House of Colour training for the past 10 years. The course run by LW is not only fun, relaxed and informative but also really motivates our Managers, on their return to Le Manoir. In most cases, you see a definate change in wardrobe, colours worn and styles used, which in turn makes our Managers relaxed, comfortable and most importantly confident when dealing with our guests. I do not know of any employee who has not learnt something from the course. As an employer, I highly recommend LW at House of Colour for both Male and Female Managers." Andrew Foulkes: Assistant Manager-Operations.